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12 Are the Metaverse and web3 legit? (aka “markup description for a ridiculous hat”)
11 Will Israel be the next Silicon Valley? (aka "we need more meetings")
EP 09: Is Artificial Intelligence dead again? (aka "just buy a license")
EP 08: The state of VR and AR (aka "are you a rich kid or a nerd")
EP 07: Building the European Service Module with Siân Cleaver (aka "Doing Spacey Things")
EP 05: What's it like working for an American company? (aka "super hyper giga great!")
EP 05: Clubhouse and the future of Audio (aka "someone scratched my car")
EP 04: Should I buy NFTs? (aka "I lost my crypto wallet - twice")
EP 03: Are self-organizing teams killing your business? (aka "agile on training wheels")
EP 02: What makes a Senior Engineer? (aka "hiring people is my hobby")
EP 01: Staying health as an engineer (aka "electro shocks to the crotch")
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